Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I get a good packaging tape which should pack my carton well ?

We are manufacturers of customized plain as well as printed packaging tape and shall suggest you that depending upon your product packed in a particular carton which is the right specifications of tape suited to pack your carton.

2 The tape which I buy from the market is generally doesn’t have the adhesive to stick well and more over it is not consistent ?

In market traders buy from different mfgrs and their main intention is to make more profit in each supply thereby they prefer to source from the mfgr who gives them the cheapest. We @ MAS Corporation believe to give Self Adhesive Pacakaging Tape which means if the tape doesn’t have good adhesion then it is not a tape. For excellent adhesive tape we charge reasonable rates to our consumers thereby maintaining the consistency of our product.

3What is the standard length in meters available in the market and how should we measure the same?

There is no standard length in tapes. Each and every traders shall arrange and manage to sell as per one’s sale price. We @ Mas Corporation shall specify initially before we accept your order that you shall get the ‘x’ no of meters in the tape and shall be charged proportionately. For any of our supplies you can randomly take one roll and measure it by marking 39 inches = 1 meter on the floor and unwind the whole tape @ our cost to justify the same.

4 Where can I get a cheap but a good self adhesive packaging tape ?

At Mas Corporation you can be rest assured of an excellent quality @ a reasonable price as we provide u the right parameters in a packaging tape. We know as no one pays u extra but packing is a must for every carton, moreover budget allocation are a must for packaging products as it eats away your profits. Hence we can justify that we can provide u packaging solutions @ a much lesser cost than the one you are buying currently.